How to Get An Old Boyfriend Back
As you desperately search online for how to get an old boyfriend back, you are probably looking for the magic pill or plan to make him fall head over heels in live with you again and coming running straight into your arms, right?



I guess there are lots of reasons why a person might want an ex back. After all, at one point, probably the beginning, you were inseparable and wonderfully happy, the perfect match.  So before you spend your entire weekend planning on how to get an old boyfriend back, its good to get a little clarity for yourself first.

First of all, are you bored and tired of being alone?

Sometimes, OK, LOTS of times, someone decides to try and get back together with an ex because they are alone and being in a lame relationship is better than being in NO relationship.

Hopefully, this isn’t you.

If you can’t live happily with yourself, how can you expect someone else to live happily with you? Being a happy, whole and emotionally stable person is the first trick in the book called ‘How To Get An Old Boyfriend Back.’

So there is clarity point number one. You aren’t just wanting him back so that it’s not just you and the cat, right?

Next clarity point.

Why did you break up in the first place? No, not that reason, I mean the REAL reason (as Matt Huston describes in his book). It’s not because he cheated. If he cheated you guys had major problems way before that. What are THOSE reasons?

Those root reasons are probably still there. By defining what they are, you can decide where to go from there. Is the root reason that you are a super jealous person and you pushed him to it?

Let’s be honest here, no one can hear your answers but me!

If you are part of the root, then be honest and work on that as step one in the how to get an old boyfriend back plan. If the root reason is that he isn’t the committing type, well, I can’t change him…and neither can you.

OK, moving right along to clarity point number three.

Why do you want to get him back forever? No, don’t say “Because I love him!” or “He’s so hot!” that’s a lame answer. What specifically do you appreciate, admire and respect about your ex?

If you can’t come up with a deep answer, umm, I don’t know, keep reading and I’ll come up with something to help you out!

In summary, be clear with your self first. Be honest about why you want to get back together and why you broke up. If you find that your answer are solid, then you can move onto how to get an old boyfriend back planning phase. However, on the other hand, if you realize that you motive are based on feeling lonely, or maybe you realize that you are better off apart, you might want to start searching for how to get a new boyfriend!